15+ Genetically Altered Animals Too Cute to Resist

We all know zebras are striped, while cats and dogs have four legs and one nose. Anything that deviates from this norm is typically labeled as a mutation, which may sound strange or unattractive. However, animals with mutations can be incredibly adorable and endearing.

At Cat Lover Hub, we were amazed to discover that some of the animals featured in this article actually exist.

This hamster was born without any hair, so her owners decided to knit a tiny sweater for her

Source Image:© OregonHumane / twitter

This husky has a large tail similar to that of a fox

Source Image: © Mortifier / reddit

This vitiligo cat looks like it dipped its face in white paint

Source Image: © EdenBlade47 / reddit

The paws of this kitten seem to resemble human hands

Source Image: © FirstCatofNZ / twitter

The eyes of this cat look similar to those of Sauron

Source Image: © butterfly-the-d*** / reddit

This dog has lips. He looks like a human that somebody put a spell on

Source Image: © Samantiris / reddit

This breed of chicken from Indonesia has a dominant gene that causes hyperpigmentation, resulting in mostly black feathers, beak, and internal organs

Source Image: © pixabay

This greenfinch has a fantastic hairdo that nature bestowed upon it

Source Image: © jerefern / reddit

The natural eyebrows on this dog are so impressive that even Cara Delevingne would be envious”The natural eyebrows on this dog are so impressive that even Cara Delevingne would be envious.


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Meet the pigeon that has 40 tail feathers

Source Image: © MelonHead247 / reddit

Cat with Shrek ears


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“My new kitten has an extra paw”

Source Image: © Nikkibert / reddit

A dog with a “fork nose”

Source Image: © Rabano11 / reddit

This is the cat with Down syndrome who looks like an alien

Source Image: © ignatiuspopular / imgur

Based on scientific findings, cats can’t have Down syndrome, due to the fact that they have only 19 pairs of chromosomes, not 23, as humans have. But animals can have trisomy (a condition in which there are 3 instances of a particular chromosome, instead of the normal 2.) The symptoms of trisomy are similar to those of Down syndrome in humans. Therefore, cats with genetic mutations are sometimes attributed to this syndrome, as it sounds more related to humans than trisomy.

Vitiligo made this cat’s coat look incredible


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A fox-coat


The fox-cat is part of the mythology of the Corsican shepherd. Generation after generation, stories were told of how forest cats would attack the udders of their sheep and goats. But in 2019, scientists discovered a unique cat that did not belong to any known species.

Have you ever seen a special animal?

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