Adorable Cat Showers New Owner with Kisses to Mark His Adoption

Just before reaching the age of four months, a trio of adorable kittens faced a harrowing ordeal as they were tied up in a garbage sack and callously thrown out of a moving car window.

The Michigan Cat Rescue, appalled by this heartless act, described the kittens as being discarded “like garbage.” Fortunately, a compassionate individual discovered them and brought them to a shelter. Despite their challenging start, the kittens were placed on the euthanasia list.

Upon hearing their distressing story, the compassionate team at the Michigan Cat Rescue couldn’t stand by, and they made the decision to rescue the kittens from the brink of euthanasia. Honey Cake, Cookie Pie, and Custard Pie soon found themselves under the care of the rescue, ready for adoption.

Despite their unfortunate beginning, the resilient trio displayed intelligence, already being litter trained and familiar with the use of a scratching post. With their irresistibly cute faces and big hearts, it was only a matter of time before they each found their forever homes. In a heartening turn, Honey Cake discovered her forever home right around the corner.

Source Image: Michigan Cat Rescue/Facebook

Finnegan, the adorable kitten named Honey Cake, has a deep affection for his mom

Upon encountering Honey Cake online, Renee Pelton experienced the familiar moment that many cat moms undergo when they come across a photo of the feline destined to join their family. It was love at first sight – that special kind of connection where the heart senses a destined bond and cannot resist.

About her moment of surety, Renee told The Dodo, “I went on Facebook and saw this video of Finnegan from the Michigan Cat Rescue and at that moment I said, ‘I want that cat.’”

Source Image: Michigan Cat Rescue/Facebook

In their in-person meeting, the connection between Renee and Honey Cake deepened, solidifying Renee’s certainty that Honey Cake was destined to be her best friend.

The heartwarming moment was captured on video, showcasing the undeniable chemistry between the two. Finnegan, formerly known as Honey Cake, showered Renee with affectionate kisses, including playful raspy ones on her face. As Renee indulged in belly rubs, Finnegan/Honey Cake seemed to convey, “Sign the papers, and let’s go home!”

At home, the stream of kisses persists, as Renee describes, “He enjoys giving kisses, adores hugs, and loves being cradled like a baby. I’ve never had a cat with his affectionate nature.”

Source Image: Michigan Cat Rescue/Facebook

Source Image: Michigan Cat Rescue/Facebook

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Being a nurse, Renee understands the significance of prioritizing health. Therefore, she arranged a physical for Finnegan, and the results were unexpected: “They said, ‘Oh my god, he has a heart murmur.'”

The problem is not trivial; it has the potential to significantly affect his lifespan.

“He’s not going to be a cat that lives to be 21 years old,” Renee shared. “We have to take him every year and he’ll be on medication and might die of heart failure. He could live 10 years.”

Source Image: Michigan Cat Rescue/Facebook

His siblings are also afflicted by the same heart issue, compounding the concern. The testing incurred a substantial expense for the rescue, which, like many others, depends on donations to sustain its operations and ensure the well-being of the cats.

“I broke out in tears when they told me it was going to cost $700,” Michigan Cat Rescue founder, Nancy Hutchinson, told The Dodo. “Its $350 for each cat for a consult and cardiac ultrasound.”

Despite the financial burden, Nancy emphasized the necessity of the tests for an accurate diagnosis, especially considering the potential genetic nature of the heart issue.

With the knowledge about Custard Pie and Cookie Pie’s heart conditions, the Rescue can now address the issue and guide the kittens’ new family on the best ways to manage it. Additionally, as these two adorable companions are a bonded pair, they’ve expressed a heartfelt plea to the world: “PLEASE don’t separate us, we love each other.”

Source Image: Michigan Cat Rescue/Facebook

Source Image: Michigan Cat Rescue/Facebook

Sweet purring companions like their sibling, Cookie Pie, and Custard Pie, deserve a swift finding of their new family. Once adopted, they can experience the same loving connection as Finnegan and Renee, who expressed, “I’m not taking care of him, he’s taking care of me.”