Camera Captures Hilarious Cat Arguing with Owner for Not Letting Him Inside

If you ask me, this is the funniest cat video I have ever seen. No matter how many times I watch it, it always makes me laugh. But if you ask me to explain what’s so funny about this video, trust me, it’s everything.

The cat in the video is clearly annoyed. It’s growling, hissing, and being very loud, almost as if it’s arguing with its owner. But why would a cat behave like this towards its owner? Take a look and try to figure it out!

Image Credit: YouTube

Understanding Cat Sounds

Every cat sound has its meaning. Growling, hissing, and other similar sounds are signs that a cat is annoyed, angry, or even frightened. Your cat might growl at the door if it’s been frightened by something and is waiting for you to let it in.

My cats occasionally behave like this when I let them into the backyard, especially Mr. Bitey. He would hiss, meow loudly, and even growl, but luckily, he never hurt me. That’s why it’s important to know how to handle such situations.

Image Credit: YouTube

Handling an Annoyed Cat

A growling cat is obviously angry, scared, or irritated. It may react aggressively to warn you or protect itself from potential harm. If your cat starts behaving like the one in the video, it’s best to leave it alone!

You can open the door to let your cat in so it can feel safe and calm down. But don’t try to pet, pick up, or approach your cat if you don’t want to get hurt. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, and don’t blame the cat!

I once discussed this topic with a new cat owner and warned her not to touch the cat in such a situation. She didn’t listen, and when she tried to help the cat, it made things worse. The cat reacted aggressively and scratched her. Luckily, it wasn’t serious.

Image Credit: YouTube

he Video’s Hilarious Backstory

In the video, the cat was probably scared or irritated by something and begged its owner to be let inside. For some reason, the owner hesitated, making the cat even angrier. Although this wasn’t fun for the cat, I hope the owner let it in quickly after filming. The video became very popular, bringing joy to many cat lovers.

Image Credit: YouTube

After watching the video, I scrolled down and saw something that made me laugh even more. Someone had written a translation of the hilarious conversation:

Cat: Ayoyoyoyoyyo yoy aaaaaaaaaa yo yo yo

Cat: yoyommmm

Cat: pleeeeeeaaaaaase yoyoyoyoyoyaayo

Woman: What?

Cat: Why don’t you let meee innnnnn?

Cat: Hiss ayoyoyo

Woman: Don’t you hiss at me!

Cat: ayayayayannnyoyoyoyonnnnje

Cat: YoyoyAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAyoyoyoyonn..

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this video, and remember, if your cat ever starts behaving like this, let it in the house and ignore it until it calms down and approaches you!