Can This Werewolf Kitten Actually Howl at the Moon?

Do werewolves howl, or do they meow? In the case of Gracie, a charming Lykoi kitten, it’s definitely a meow under the full moon’s glow.

Gracie’s story is one of mystery and wonder, a tale that begins with her foster mom, Brianna Waltman, who was intrigued by this unique kitten’s characteristics.

A Mysterious Start Gracie’s journey was not like that of her littermates. Born as one of twelve kittens to two nurturing mother cats under Brianna’s care, Gracie stood out, not just for her smaller size and less active demeanor, but for something quite unusual – her fur began to fall out.

This development led Brianna and Gracie on a trip to the vet, sparking the beginning of a mysterious adventure.

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The vet’s initial thought was that Gracie’s fur loss was due to a fever, predicting it would regrow over time, possibly as a fever coat – a condition where kittens born to stressed or feverish mothers display a unique speckling of black and white fur. However, Gracie’s case was different. Instead of regrowing a thick coat, she remained almost bald, a puzzle that left Brianna wondering about this little kitten’s future.

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Unveiling the Werewolf As Gracie grew, reaching the age of three months, it became clear that she was no ordinary kitten. Brianna’s research led to an astonishing discovery: Gracie was a Lykoi, also known as a ‘wolf cat.’ This rare genetic mutation gives the Lykoi an appearance akin to mythical werewolves – sparse fur, often leading to a semi-bald state, but without any underlying health issues. These cats are known for their wiry fur and regular molting, a trait that makes them distinctively enchanting.

Image source: graciewolfca

Brianna recalls her realization, “After seeing similar cats in videos and doing some research, it was undeniable – Gracie was a wolf cat.”

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Despite her werewolf-like appearance, Gracie is as delightful and playful as any other house cat. She spends her days napping, playing with toys, chasing her tail, and engaging in the timeless cat-and-laser-pointer dance.

Image source: graciewolfca

Gracie’s story is a testament to the wonders of nature and the unique beauty found in the animal kingdom. Her journey from a mysterious kitten to a beloved Lykoi cat reminds us of the magic and surprises that our furry friends bring into our lives.

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