Introducing Valkyrie: The Maine Coon With a Strikingly Human Face

Cats are typically expected to exude cuteness with their fluffy and adorable nature. Valkyrie, a 2-month-old Main Coon kitten, embodies this charm in her unique manner, I suppose.

Imagine finding the appeal in a cat resembling your Uncle John for its cuteness

There’s a commotion on the internet regarding Valkyrie, as she is said to have a “creepy human face.” The online community is abuzz with discussions about this distinctive characteristic.


Seriously, there’s an unsettling human-like quality to this cat’s appearance. Observers began expressing their concerns about its anthropomorphic features once the breeder shared a video of her on Instagram.

Moreover, she bears a resemblance to a melancholic old man

Expressing remorse for making such comments about a kitten, one can’t help but note the apparent distress in that face. It gives the impression of having endured significant hardships, resembling the aftermath of wars, multiple divorces, and a third marriage.


The cat’s appearance as a male senior citizen is likely attributed to the combination of its facial features. Specifically.

The eyes stand out as the most human-like aspect

The contour of her mouth imparts a concerned and watchful expression, reminiscent of someone who might sternly instruct you to vacate her premises.


The round shape of her face is particularly distinctive, and Metro aptly describes it as if an old man has been superimposed onto her head.

She possesses wiry salt-and-pepper-colored hair, adding to the unique features that define her appearance

It bears a resemblance to those 2-inch long chin hairs that inevitably catch your attention when you gaze at your grandma.

When considering all these distinctive features, one can’t help but wonder if Valkyrie follows a routine of having dinner at 4 p.m. and waking up at 4 a.m.

Indeed, poor Valkyrie

She appears downright irked in certain pictures. Perhaps her stern expression stems from her Russian heritage?


Observe that stoic expression! The little one barely moves, evoking sympathy for the poor baby.

Upon closer inspection of its face, it genuinely doesn’t resemble a typical cat.

I’ve never encountered anything quite like it, and truthfully, I just feel sympathy for this cat.

The video above takes the freakiness to another level. The way the cat’s eyes move and look around appears incredibly human, adding an eerie quality to the footage.

I can’t even begin to comprehend

Sorry if we just gave you nightmares.


That’s reassuring to hear! It’s always heartwarming to see moments when Valkyrie appears happy in the photos.

Even better news is that it seems Valkyrie is on track to have a forever home. According to one post, she is reserved for someone named Natalie. Hopefully, Natalie will be able to bring joy to Valkyrie’s life and love her in the way she truly deserves.