Mama Cat Believed To Be Feral Rapidly Demonstrates Otherwise

During a visit, Cousins was taken aback by Fava Bean’s unexpected behavior. The cat seemed to plead, “Are you really going to leave me here?” with her expressive eyes.

Fava Bean’s incessant kneading and her warm cuddles hinted that she might have once been a cherished pet. Her maternal instincts were evident, and she yearned for a safer haven for her kittens.

Overwhelmed by the bond she felt with Fava Bean and her kittens, Cousins found herself making an impulsive decision.

@amyvcousins That thing where you go to drop off some cat food and then suddenly there’s a whole other family in your house #cat #catsoftiktok #kitten #catrescue ♬ original sound – Ameson

In a whirlwind of events, Cousins recalled, “I can’t quite remember the details, but suddenly, these cats were in my home.” She collaborated with a rescue organization and embraced the role of a foster mother.

The transition was seamless for Fava Bean and her kittens, who reveled in the newfound safety of their surroundings.

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As weeks turned into memories, Fava Bean’s kittens flourished, and she remained the epitome of a doting mother. Cousins felt a deep sense of fulfillment and cherished the journey with the feline family.

She passionately voiced, “I urge everyone to experience this joy. Reach out to local rescues and consider fostering. They need us now more than ever.”

@amyvcousinsAn update on Fava Bean and her baby beans & I want to encourage everyone to have their own black outs and call their local rescues to ask if you can foster a lil fam; so many are overloaded this year! Thanks everyone for all the love 🫶♬ original sound – Ameson