Manatee Mother and Baby Share Heartwarming Hugs and Kisses on Camera

In the calm waters of Central Florida’s Silver River, a touching scene unfolds as a baby turkey approaches its mother, giving her a gentle kiss on the chin.

This moment of pure love, which was witnessed by a passing tour group, shows the deep bond between a mother manatee and her offspring. The mother, swaddling her baby, presents a picture of motherly love that resonates with all who witness it.


The Silver River is home to manatees year-round, but it sees a significant increase in their numbers during November and March, known as Manatee Season. During these months, the cooler waters attract these gentle giants, many of whom are seeking to expand their families. These aquatic mammals, affectionately dubbed “sea cows,” migrate away as the weather warms, leaving behind memories of their peaceful presence.

The guides of Get Up And Go Kayaking (GUAGK), accustomed to the wonders of Florida’s state parks, find joy in discovering new babies among the wildlife. Yet, the sight of a nurturing manatee mother tenderly caring for her baby stands out as a uniquely heartwarming experience. An Instagram post by GUAGSS captures this sentiment, highlighting the special bond between the manatee mother and her baby.


Observing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat is a privilege, and GUAGK guides adhere to strict protocols to ensure the animals’ well-being, especially when newborns are involved. They remind visitors to maintain a respectful distance, allowing the mother manatee the space she needs to care for her baby. This careful approach ensures that the manatees can thrive, undisturbed by human presence.


As Manatee Season continues, the GUAGK team cherishes each moment spent with these serene beings. While it’s uncertain if this particular mother and her baby will remain in the area post-season, the joy of sharing the river with them is a cherished experience. The guides hold a special affection for all the animals they encounter, but manatees hold a unique place in their hearts. Watching these graceful creatures glide through the water, in harmony with the current, is a peaceful and mesmerizing experience, one that the guides wish could last all day.