Missing Cat Discovered in Donated Recliner, Reunited with “Relieved” Family

As Montequlla’s family busily packed for their big move, the chaos was too much for the sensitive tabby. Seeking solace, he found an unlikely hiding spot inside a recliner. Little did he know, this recliner was destined for a Denver thrift store, not their new home.

Discovery at the Thrift Store: A Cat’s Surprise Appearance

The story took a turn at the Denver Arc Thrift Store. After the family unknowingly donated the chair with Montequlla still inside, store employees were startled to find the feline. Denver Animal Protection was promptly called to the rescue.

An Unexpected Twist in the Moving Day Drama

DAP Officer Jenna Humphreys arrived, finding Montequlla more than just a cat in distress – he was a new friend. Humphreys recounted the discovery, “There was a recliner out front, and inside, a little orange tabby in need of help.”

A Family’s Frantic Search Leads to a Joyful Reunion

Back at home, the family faced an empty house and a missing Montequlla. Realizing his likely location, they rushed to the thrift store. However, Montequlla was already safe with Officer Humphreys. A quick phone call later, the family and their beloved cat were joyfully reunited.

A Happy Ending and a Lesson Learned

Officer Humphreys reflected on the incident, noting the common behavior of pets seeking hiding spots in stressful times. She mused, “This time, it was a recliner bound for donation.” The Denver Animal Shelter celebrated the happy ending on Facebook, grateful for everyone’s efforts in bringing Montequlla home.

This heartwarming story reminds us of the unexpected adventures our pets can find themselves in and the importance of microchipping for happy reunions.

H/T: www.thedenverchannel.com