Tabby Kittens Rescued and Cherished with Kisses by Foster Dog Mom

In an inspiring tale of love and care, tabby kittens Gilligan and Milli, found abandoned on the streets, have blossomed into healthy and happy felines, all thanks to the nurturing of an extraordinary foster mother – a dog named Kona.

Image source: @shibuyarollcall

A New Lease on Life for the Kittens

At a tender age of just three weeks, Gilligan and Milli’s survival hung in the balance, lacking the essential care and warmth of their mother.

Fortunately, the magic of rescue and fostering intervened, offering these kittens a fighting chance at life. Their journey to happiness was made possible by the combined efforts of their human foster mom and their canine foster mom, Kona.

Image source: @shibuyarollcall

Love At First Sight

Kona, along with her human companion Asa, had taken a break from fostering. However, when the opportunity arose to foster again, they couldn’t resist the charm of Gilligan and Milli, who had just been taken in by the Manhattan branch of Animal Care Centers.

Asa, a volunteer with MACC, was immediately drawn to the adorable tabby duo. Kona, too, was smitten from the outset, and the feeling was mutual. The kittens quickly warmed up to their new dog mom, creating an instant bond. Asa recalls the moment, saying, “It was love at first sight on both ends.”

Image source: @shibuyarollcall

A Mother’s Love Knows No Bounds

Despite having passed her puppy-rearing days, Kona’s maternal instincts remained as strong as ever. She reveled in the joy of caring for Gilligan and Milli, showering them with endless naps, cuddles, and kisses. Milli, in particular, developed a special bond with Kona, always staying close to her side. Kona even began a new habit of carrying the kittens to her bed for a cuddle session, a testament to her deep affection for them.

Image source: @shibuyarollcall

Foster Fail Equals Forever

Kona’s journey with Asa began when she arrived as a foster dog with three puppies. While her puppies eventually found their forever homes, Kona had already found hers with Asa, becoming a beloved ‘foster fail.’ Together, they continue to provide a nurturing environment for kittens in need, giving them the life they deserve.

Image source: @shibuyarollcall

This heartwarming story not only highlights the incredible bond that can form between different species but also underscores the importance of fostering in giving animals a second chance at life. Gilligan and Milli’s transformation from vulnerable street kittens to beloved pets, under the care of Kona and Asa, is a beautiful reminder of the power of love and care in the animal world.

Feature Image: @shibuyarollcall/Instagram