Woman Discovers Her Newly Adopted Cat is Surprisingly Energetic at Home

Imagine the tranquility of a cat, curled up and purring, a symbol of peace and contentment. This contagious serenity is what drew TikTok user Gabrielle Chabot to adopt a kitten, one that seemed the epitome of calm amidst a flurry of playful peers.

Chabot’s choice, a kitten with a serene demeanor, seemed perfect. But the story took a twist once she brought him home.

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Meet Harry, the cat who defied expectations. Contrary to his initial calm appearance, Harry, a tortoiseshell-colored cat, displayed a lively and energetic personality. This wasn’t entirely surprising, as tortoiseshell cats are often known for their spirited nature, though this isn’t a scientifically proven fact.


TikTok users chimed in with their experiences. “I literally have never met a calm tortoiseshell,” commented one, while another affirmed, “Torties are not calm. They’re a hoot.”

In adopting Harry, Chabot found more than she anticipated – a bundle of energy and joy. Her happiness, evident in her expressions, shows that sometimes, the unexpected can bring the greatest joy.

H/T: The Dodo