Cat Joins Police Officer During Traffic Stop, Creating the Best Pawtrol Ever

What seemed like another ordinary day for police officer Elyse Helkenn from the South Dakota Highway Patrol turned into an unexpected furry adventure.

During one of her regular traffic stops on a quiet, isolated highway in Rapid City, SD, Officer Helkenn was talking to a speeding driver. As she was explaining to the young woman why she was pulled over, she felt a soft brush against her leg. Imagine being in the middle of nowhere and feeling something furry nuzzle up to you—it’s enough to catch anyone off guard!

When she looked down, she saw a fluffy ginger cat.

Helkenn shared her astonishment in an interview:

“As I explained my reason for the stop, obviously for the speed, I feel something brushing up against my leg… I looked down and there was an orange cat!”

Image Credit: Facebook

This kitty wasn’t just passing by. He seemed eager to join in on Helkenn’s duty. As soon as she scooped him up, he snuggled on her shoulder. This adorable kitty was all about cuddles and even tried to knock off Helkenn’s hat in an enthusiastic moment of affection.

With a smile on her face, Helkenn continued:

“So I pick him up and I continue my traffic stop, you know, asking for her identification paperwork and this poor little kitty just crawls right up to my shoulder just like a scene from Super Troopers.”

Image Credit: Facebook

She wrapped up her tasks and couldn’t bear to leave her new buddy behind. With the cat perched happily on her shoulders, she set out to help him find his home. She checked with some locals to see if he belonged to anyone, but nobody seemed to know anything about this cat.

Image Credit: Facebook

Helkenn knew she couldn’t simply leave him alone on the street, so she decided to take him to the nearby shelter where he would be safe and cared for.

The Humane Society of the Black Hills gladly welcomed him, and only a few days later, he was adopted. As for Officer Helkenn, she couldn’t help but smile and share the video of her furry adventure with her colleagues, calling it the ‘best traffic stop ever’.

You can see the adorable pawtrol in the video below.