Poor Cat Stuck in Front Door Iron Gate for Hours Until Rescuers Freed Her

It’s widely believed that cats can squeeze through any opening as long as it’s as big as their heads. However, even slightly overweight cats can easily get stuck in awkward places.

This unfortunate scenario happened to a poor tabby cat, who found herself with her head stuck in a front door iron gate.

The first question that came to mind was, “How on Earth did she manage to get her head stuck that high?” While it’s unclear how it happened, it’s possible that it was done as a cruel prank by some kids.

Image Credit: YouTube

At first, locals tried to free the distressed cat, but she was extremely agitated and likely scared for her life. Realizing they needed expert help, they called their local rescue group.

When the rescuers arrived, they put on protective gloves and used towels to avoid being scratched by the frightened cat who clearly needed help but was too scared to accept it.

Image Credit: YouTube

Their primary goal was to free her head from the iron gate without resorting to cutting the metal, as that could potentially harm the cat. They handled her with extreme care, gently shifting her body up and down, attempting to wiggle her head out of the gate. However, the task proved more difficult than anticipated.

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At one point, the cat became so still that everyone feared the worst. Reacting quickly, the rescuers opened her mouth and pulled out her tongue to clear her airway and ensure she could breathe.

This quick intervention was effective; she soon began blinking, signaling she had regained consciousness and wasn’t ready to give up. She demonstrated to everyone just how resilient she truly was.

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The rescuers continued their careful efforts to maneuver her body and free her head from the iron gate. With some pushing on her head and others gently pulling her body, they remained extremely gentle throughout the process.

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After much effort and significant struggle, something extraordinary happened: The cat was free! Everyone was overjoyed – and rightfully so.

Exhausted and famished, the cat was immediately given something to eat by the rescuers before being taken to the vet for a thorough checkup.

Fortunately, the vet determined that she was healthy, with no visible injuries or scars – a relief to everyone involved.

Image Credit: YouTube

After her vet appointment, the rescuers decided to release her back into the neighborhood. She was a local stray who was loved and cherished by her community, and now she could continue her life safely.