20+ Animals Expressing Deep Love for Their Humans in Every Look

Indeed, a person’s best friend often comes in the form of a furry animal companion. Pets are lovable and loyal, enduring even the silliest of costumes or amusing poses for social media. From the moment we bring them into our homes to the years spent together, the radiant love for our pets is evident in our eyes.

At Cat Lover Hub we’ve compiled 23 moments that highlight the undeniable bond between an owner and their pet, clearly reflected in their eyes.

Due to the fire, my parents in LA are temporarily caring for these kittens until their owners or alternative homes are located

Source Image: © dani_bar / Reddit© dani_bar / Reddit

Discover someone who gazes at you the way our kitten looks at my husband

Source Image: © nevernomuffintops / Reddit

Experiencing being carried for the first time after the rescue

Source Image: © MakeItRain654 / Reddit

She will undoubtedly grow up to be loyal; mark my words

Source Image: © jela_03 / reddit

The love in those eyes is tangible

Source Image: © diggyrex / reddit

That’s total trust, a rare and beautiful thing

Source Image: © Mywifepeaks / reddit

An award-winning smile right there

Source Image: © fllawyer / reddit

Just adopted Bella, and she already has a strong liking for my fiancé

Source Image: © bioticg*55 / reddit

Bringing this girl home from the shelter just a week ago, and her smile says it all

Source Image:  © epckitks / reddit

My pig excels at the selfie game

Source Image: © courtneyfootz / reddit

This is my daily anticipation and joy

Source Image: © H_amin / reddit

A joyous dog enjoying her piggyback ride

Source Image: © dncrgal1323 / reddit

This picture encapsulates sunshine

Source Image: © inherentlydad / reddit

The way she looks at me is love

Source Image: © n4os3iqueus3rn4m3p0r / reddit

This is my dog’s nightly sleeping position with me

Source Image: © mcut202 / reddit

This picture gives off a hug-like feeling

Source Image: © Sheik-mon / reddit

We recently welcomed her into our family just a week ago

Source Image: © Justhere4funz / reddit

These two are lifelong friends

Source Image: © sshapz / reddit

A happy dog wearing a smile of sheer comfort

Source Image: © GabrielDL008 / reddit

This is the smile I receive during belly rubs

Source Image: © trippyyy / reddit

Dogs are wonderful, but with cats, you must earn their love

Source Image: © uzi_is_mid / reddit

Rey is clearly in love. Just look at that face

Source Image: © javawong / reddit

Mitus loves his grandma. He is incredibly gentle with her but becomes hyperactive with everyone else

Source Image: © KotaCali / reddit