Ex Wants Him to Choose: Her or the Cat, So He Made The Obvious Decision…

When voiceafx, an Imgur user, got a call from his ex-girlfriend hinting at a possible reunion, he was faced with a heart-wrenching decision. Their past separation was due to “religious differences,” yet lingering feelings remained.

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However, her next words brought clarity to his dilemma. She stipulated that their reunion would require him to part ways with his cat.

Image Source: voiceafx via Imgur

For voiceafx, the bond with his cherished cat, Hobbes, was irreplaceable. He fondly remarked, “At 33, Hobbes feels like my child.”

Image Source: voiceafx via Imgur

His deep affection for Hobbes made the choice evident. He firmly stated, “My love for my cat is unwavering, and parting with him is non-negotiable. Rekindling with my ex is no longer on the table.” He poignantly titled his post, “Well, I guess this is goodbye, then.”

Image Source: voiceafx via Imgur

Indeed, the profound connection between humans and their pets often surpasses fleeting romances. Cheers to voiceafx for honoring his bond with Hobbes!

h/t: voiceafx  & Imgur