Girl Believed She Saved A Regular Kitten, But Commenters Begged To Differ

Katherine Van Beek, a passionate animal enthusiast, stumbled upon a minuscule creature during her walk home. Initially mistaking it for a mouse, she soon realized it was a newborn kitten, still with its umbilical cord.

Knowing the slim chances of its survival, Katherine’s heart urged her to intervene.

Image source: YouTube

Bringing the orphaned kitten home, she affectionately named him Bruce, drawing inspiration from Batman, another famous orphan. As she nurtured him day and night, she hoped to foster and eventually find him a loving home.

However, the moment Bruce’s eyes met hers for the first time, she knew he was there to stay.

Image source: YouTube

Under Katherine’s tender care, Bruce blossomed. Intriguingly, his light grey fur transformed into a deep black. A visit to the vet revealed Bruce had a “fever coat,” a condition where the fur changes color if the mother is stressed or unwell during birth.

Today, the once tiny grey kitten is a lively, full-grown cat with a penchant for bird-watching. Kudos to Katherine for her compassionate heart and for giving Bruce a chance at life!